Mercer Project, Corp.
New York, NY

About us

MĒRCER PROJECT is a collaborative studio focusing on the intersection of art, architecture and furniture. We examine the boundaries between art and design through architecture, architectural scale projects, furniture, objects, art installations and cohesive brand development. With a conceptual approach Mercer Project views each project, as a work of art. We focus on experiences; architecture and form is defined by its identity and individuality.

Design is an art that must be practical, authentic, and intelligent. We design to improve the quality of life and create change through demonstrative experiences. Our depth of understanding of contemporary culture and our formal background in the arts and art history allows Mercer Project to create iconic designs time after time.

Under the direction of Roy Nachum and Maia Nachum and their team of architects, designers, craftsmen, and branding specialists, Mercer Project is known around the world for it’s imaginative and successful designs, for its innovative hotels, radical venues, intelligent furniture and essential objects.

Every aspect of the built environment is custom designed and seamlessly integrated into the whole, developing the visitors’ experience. Our designs generate unforgettable experiences and a mass social response, but most importantly they support human demand while respecting nature and ecological balance.